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Yamila Rodriguez


SPECIAL NOTE: On Saturday November 21, 2015 in Miami, FL... Yamila was rewarded her very own IFBB Pro card at the NPC National Championships!

Not many women make it to the stage and start winning shows from the get-go... but Yamilla Rodriguez is not like many young women. Her dedication and time to sculpting a competitive physique has earned her more class wins and top 3 placing's in a short period of time than most people in a lifetime. Yamilla has gone from being one of the top Bikini competitors in Oregon to now one of the top Figure competitors after winning her class at the Idaho Muscle Classic and her class and Figure Overall at the 2014 Oregon State Championships. Watch out for this young lady as she sets her sights on a National level show and goes after the IFBB Pro ranks very soon!

1. When and why did you decide to start competing?

I started my journey in 2011, once my foot stepped into Foster Fitness I knew it was a life changing experience. Having such talented and supportive group of competitors and pros around and a remarkable trainer made me pursue my goal as a bikini competitor. After 8 long months of training I was able to compete in my first show which I took first place in, it was an unbelievable experience.

2. What makes you want to go farther in the sport?

Despite the short time that I have competed I’ve found myself loving the sport. The amazing experience has made me want to always do better in each show that I do, honestly I could not imagine doing anything else. The discipline in training, dieting, and posing has helped better myself as an athlete and to a grow as a person.


3. What type of training do you implement during contest prep and the in the off-season?

Honestly my contest prep and off-season do not change. I’ve found training high intensity and low volume has worked for me.

4. What is your favorite type of dieting meals and what is your favorite type of cheat meal?

I love Muscle Egg; it has saved me more than once during prep while craving sweets. Sushi is my favorite cheat meal


5. Who are some of the people that have helped you along the way to get where you are now in life or in the sport?

First and foremost I would like to thank my mom, she has given me the strength and love to achieve every goal that I’ve set for myself, without her I do not think I could have done so well. The other person, who has help support me, is my loving fiancé Noel Fuller. Without his help, patience, and expertise I would have not been so successful in achieving my fitness goals.


6. Who or what inspires you to strive for more in the sport?

My fiancé and trainer Noel inspires me to do my best. His loving words and reassurances help me to continually grow as a competitor. There are no words that can explain how grateful I am to have him in my corner.


7. What is next for you as a competitor?

While attending a national show I got the up close experience to watch a close friend Kelli Schrader receive her pro card. Being surrounded with such talented athletes opened my eyes to the endless possibilities in this sport. I am currently growing myself as a competitor on the local circuit so that next year I hope I will be ready hit the national stage. I continue to bring my best at every show I do, by training hard, improving my physique, posing, and sticking to it. For me that’s what keeps me going.


8. What is your favorite memory good or bad while prepping or competing?

Hands down my first show that I competed in: I was so nervous; I prayed that everything would go right. Looking around at all these competitors pumping up backstage and thinking to myself, Am I ready for this? I got out there took a deep breath and won first place, best memory.


9. Any website you would like to plug, Facebook, Twitter, personal site, etc...

I’m on Facebook, feel free to stop by and say hello or friend request me.

10. Anything you would like to say to all the visitors to NPC Oregon?

Competing is not an easy sport, if it’s your first time or if you’re a pro. But remember never give up on your dreams, with perseverance you can do it. I know it sounds so cliche, but always remind yourself why you started this journey and dig deep, if I can do it anyone can: believe in yourself. If it wasn’t for all those competitors in Oregon who have such camaraderie in this sport I do not think I would enjoy so much. Thank you so much for all the support, I appreciate it so much.

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