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Travis Young


It was only a matter of time for Oregon to host it's very own IFBB Men's Physique Pro with the high caliber of guys coming out of Oregon in this division. Those honors of being the first go to Travis Young. Travis has been collecting some serious hardware for the last couple of season's and brings a hard, conditioned physique to the stage that is a force to reckon with. Travis his Master's Overall win at the Oregon Ironman, Travis decided to test the waters at the National level, and it paid off big! Travis was able to capture a coveted IFBB Pro card this summer and can be proud to Oregon's first IFBB Mens Physique Pro! Congrats Travis.​

1. When and why did you decide to start competing?

This question takes me back a little bit. I think the very first spark that was lit under me, and lead me down the path of wanting to compete and live this lifestyle was when I was about 16 years old. I went and watched my very first body building show, and watched Aaron Maddron win the Teen Oregon.  Seeing the hard work, dedication and the hard physiques up on that stage made me want to gain that same strength and determined work ethic. I don't think I've looked back since.

2. What makes you want to go farther in the sport?

Honestly I think that what pushes me farther in this sport is the desire and drive to push myself farther and farther. There is something to be said about the feeling of accomplishment that comes from attaining a goal you thought was just beyond your reach. It's almost as if it's a competition with myself of how far I can go, and every time I just want to keep breaking my own record.


3. What type of training do you implement during contest prep and the in the off-season?

Training for me is pretty consistent between contest prep and off season, the difference being the intensity and the frequency between workouts. I vary my workout frequently and vary my cardio to accommodate whatever goal I have in mind. I train hard all year, for my health and my sanity, but also so that I keep my strength and agility.

4. What is your favorite type of dieting meals and what is your favorite type of cheat meal?

When it comes to dieting foods, I eat what pretty much every competitor eats, chicken, fish, and sweet potatoes. I love to prep cook things hot and spicy, so if I'm eating chicken, it's gotta be flavorful .

Ironically enough one of my all time favorite prep friendly meals, is spicy barbecued chicken breast, mixed in with Tofu fettuccini noodles, and a variety of vegetables. It makes like a stir fry dish that is amazing and satisfying.

As far as cheat meals go, I feel like I could write pages of the things I love to eat when I'm cheating, but I would say the most common things I crave for cheat meals are good burgers (the kind that is loaded down with all the options), chips and salsa, and soft, fresh chocolate chip cookies.


5. Who are some of the people that have helped you along the way to get where you are now in life or in the sport?

I am so truly fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity to have so many amazing people in my life along this long journey. I can not say thank you enough to all of my friends and family for showing all their love and support. This sport is one of patience and nobody understands that quite like a competitors family and friends. I would like to just say a quick thank you as well to everyone who has taken the time to wish me luck, or shake my hand, or cheered me on for a show. All the of support and encouragement has been so appreciated.

As far as a few people to call out, and I will try to be quick, my mentors; Steve Beaudoin, Davis McGinty, Noel Fuller and Andre Scott. My posing coach who really took the time with me to help me perfect my angles; Anthony “Twan” Chacon. My workout partners who kept me motivated and encouraged over the years; Mike Rouse, Aaron Maddron IFBB Pro, Paul Sims Jr., Paul Sims Sr., Michael Lathrom, Steve Helgerson and Brandon Miller. My previous sponsors; Dave and Judy Bohr, Marty Wilson. My current sponsor and good friend Bill Pec. Thank you Bill for always believing in me.. And last but not least I would like to thank my beautiful fiancé Amanda Ring for all her love and support.


6. Who or what inspires you to strive for more in the sport?

Honestly, it's a combination. The fear of failure, and the passion and challenge to push myself past the boundaries of my previous limits. I want to continue to go far in this sport to act as a role model for my friends and family and for everyone who comes to watch or participate in these shows. You know, I think back on the day I was inspired, when I was 16 years old. If I can inspire one person and help them realize that dreams can come true if you just have the dedication and perseverance, then I will consider myself successful.


7. What is next for you as a competitor?

I am competing in the IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters show that is coming up on August 28th. It's going to be a new level of competition and a new thrill of stepping on stage with these athletes that have all worked so hard, and have all gone through lengthy journeys like myself. Regardless of how the results fair, I feel honored and grateful to be getting the opportunity to get on that stage.


8. What is your favorite memory good or bad while prepping or competing?

I am laughing as I respond to this question. As far as the bad memory question is concerned, I am going to plead Diet Brain for that. There are many frustrations hurdles along the journey. The only thing that matters is that regardless of the bad times during prep, I made it through to enjoy the good times.

The best memory I have of competing is probably the most recent. It was the moment that I was standing on that stage in Pittsburgh and I realized after hearing loud cheering and applause in the crowd, that I had accomplished my dream, and I had won my IFBB pro card. That moment is one frozen in time in my mind, down to the last detail.

Aside from that, I have really experienced so many other great memories while competing. Being given the opportunity to meet so many amazing men and women with like minds and similar goals, and forming friendships that are lifelong, that is what I enjoy the most out this lifestyle and competing.


9. Any website you would like to plug, Facebook, Twitter, personal site, etc...

I am a pretty low-key guy and I keep my personal life pretty private for the most part. That being said, I just recently started training clients again as well as offering my services for contest prep, nutritional consultations, etc. I currently do not have any social media sites, instead I can be reached at for anyone seeking help with contest prep, or training.

10. Anything you would like to say to all the visitors to NPC Oregon?

I would like to say a big thank you to the fan base and all the enthusiasts who follow these shows on a local level and a national level. As an athlete in this sport, we rely heavily on the support and interest shown from fans. Thank you to all the promoters for putting together such great promotions years after year.

Also, I would like to say to everyone who is has had a dream of fitness, chase it. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you are not good enough to accomplish something. The mind is a powerful thing, and if you set your mind to it, and seek the assistance you need and strive for that goal, it will happen!

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