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Lauren Irick


Posted: 7/28/15

Growing up as an active athlete, Lauren Irick to the plunge into competitive Bikini competitions to show her love for living and breathing a healthy lifestyle. After just a couple shows, some wins, and some momentum.. Lauren decided to give a National level competition shot. Well, it worked out pretty dang good for her. She chose to do the NPC USA Championships this July and low and behold.. she wins her class and her very own IFBB Pro Card! It goes to show you what hard work and staying dedicated can do!

1. When and why did you decide to start competing?

I decided to compete in March of 2014. Even though I was always involved in sports growing up, I didn't start seriously lifting weights until 2013. I was happy with the way my body was changing. I wanted to see more changes and know that I needed some help in the nutrition side of things. I contacted Amber Orton Fokken initially for nutrition help. I realized I was already spending a considerable amount of time prepping food and in the gym, so why not just make the plunge?!

2. What makes you want to go farther in the sport?

I just have a blast competing! Setting new goals and achieving them makes me want to go farther... Wanting to know how far I can go. I feel like the sky is the limit! I have had such a positive experience, have had great opportunities and have come to know so many wonderful people.


3. What type of training do you implement during contest prep and the in the off-season?

Closer to show I move more into circuits and amp up the cardio a little bit. Further out, I utilize heavier lifts and HIIT cardio a few times a week.

4. What is your favorite type of dieting meals and what is your favorite type of cheat meal?

I utilize "flexible dieting" or "IIFYM" until about 10-14 days out from show when I go to a 100 percent clean, whole food diet. That being said, I still eat clean over 90% of the time- I just like how I feel! I have always been a pretty healthy eater. That being said, I do like the occasional treat and IIFYM allows me to work in froyo or something though when I feel like having it. Oatmeal is one of my favorites and I love having a big salad every day.

"Cheat Meal" wise... I am a big texture person! so frozen yogurt or a thick protein shake is something I love. I love wine and charcuterie boards and brownies/truffles!! It's hard for me to turn down some chocolate!!


5. Who are some of the people that have helped you along the way to get where you are now in life or in the sport?

Amber Orton Fokken without a doubt. She has been in my corner since day one and I am so grateful for her. She has my back mentally, nutritionally, training, and I trust her 100%. We have worked as a team to bring a better package to each and every competition. I also work with her now as part of ADO Fitness as a coach. She has really been great about furthering me in this sport.

My family has been a huge support system for me in many ways, not just in regard to my fitness career, but in everything I do. I am really fortunate to have such a loving support system.


6. Who or what inspires you to strive for more in the sport?

I am very competitive with myself and always want to continue to push myself to be better than I was before. I want to make my family, coach and team proud!! I'm also constantly inspired by those around me! I'm not speaking about other competitors necessarily either. I talked to all sorts of people about their fitness goals- some want to compete, others want to lose 50 pounds and some people are just trying to walk again. I really believe that fitness can change your life. When people tell me that I have inspired them in any way, shape, or form I am incredibly flattered, but is also inspires me to push harder. I just want people to feel as good as I do!


7. What is next for you as a competitor?

I will be making a pro debut before the end of November. The goal right now is to get two shows in before the end of 2015.

8. What is your favorite memory good or bad while prepping or competing?

So many GREAT memories! I really like thinking back to Emerald Cup, because I was maybe two weeks into my first prep and I remember thinking, "Yeah, I will be there one day." So going into that weekend was a reflection of the hard work I had put in over the last year. Stepping on stage there felt amazing. Winning a pro card is a favorite memory, it just hasn't quite sunk in yet!!


9. Any website you would like to plug, Facebook, Twitter, personal site, etc...

You can find me at: Online CoachingMake-Up & HairFacebookInstagram and Twitter, and
My sponsors: - Use code Irick for 20% off and for apparel

10. Anything you would like to say to all the visitors to NPC Oregon?

If you want something... go for it!! No regrets. You can do anything you set your mind to!! I promise that. "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

Big thank you to everyone that supports or is involved in bodybuilding! Fans, coaches, judges, competitors, supporters and more... it is a wonderful community that I am proud to be a part of!!

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